Wide range of Aastra products for your business communication needs.

Aastra has an extensive range of services and support to offer a complete communicative and collaborative experience to the employees as well as to the customers. Its portfolio includes the following products and services :


Business Phones 

A wide range of IP Phones , consoles, conference phones and peripherals to keep the employees connected across the organization. Available phones:

Aastra 6730i / Aastra 6731i / Aastra 6735i / Aastra 6737i / Aastra 6739i / Aastra 6863i  / Aastra 6865i / Aastra 6867i / Aastra S850i / Aastra M8004 / Aastra 9110 /Aastra 9116


Aastra call control platforms and applications

Offers simple and reliable industry-leading solutions for businesses of all sizes and types, for high-quality seamless conversations that today’s mobile workforce urgently needs.

Aastra MX-ONE
Aastra 400

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