Enabling the Real-Time Enterprise

Our objective is very simple. We want to keep people connected and productive while taking care of all their communication needs. In this fast paced world where everybody is frequently travelling or using multiple devices, it’s a challenge to make communication easier and facilitating collaboration, anytime, anywhere.

We combine mobility, messaging and collaboration through Mitel’s MiCollab range of services. This powerful combination results in a solution that empowers people to collaborate easily and effectively.

We understand that any organization’s success depends on certain key critical factors. One of the most important of them is an effective collaboration mechanism among its employees, customers and other stakeholders. Rich ideas can come to life if productive relationships are built and nurtured and this also has a bearing on how the products are marketed better and suppliers and partners come together to achieve shared, profitable goals.

Our Unified Communications and Collaboration solution makes it easy for everyone in the organization to manage all everyday interaction and use the best communication tools whenever the need arises.

Be it a small, middle or large enterprise, proper integration of mobility and messaging tools with a highly intuitive interface makes people have more productive and innovative interactions. MiCollab helps you gain a competitive advantage by delivering cost effective UCC capabilities delivers the kind of cost-effective UCC capabilities needed to assist with increasing business productivity, building a competitive advantage, and driving business success.

Mitel MiCollab

No matter where you are and which device you are using for communication, MiCollab helps you combine mobility and messaging needs into a unique and powerful solution that allows you to collaborate with people productively and proactively.

Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

For easy and impactful dissemination of information, our conferencing solutions helps enhance the quality of the collaboration by several notches above and encourages sharing among employees, suppliers and customers. Easy to use and having audio, video and web integration, this solution is a must have for all organizations.

Work Anywhere on Any Device

It’s time you stop being dictated by hurdles that come in your way of easy collaboration. For efficient and effective communication, our collaboration software helps you equip your workforce for combating all business challenges

Open Solutions Portfolio

Third party platforms offer a plethora of interesting integration opportunities for your business phones. Our SIP and digital phones are interoperable with these platforms and hence explore a range of newer possibilities.

Enterprise Mobility

For all connectivity related issues with your customer, employees and anyone who will join you in future- Mitel’s range of business communication tools are here to help.
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