Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

Cloud based Video Conferencing solutions have come up with its flexibility and affordability in order to accomplish the needs of growing businesses. Since, there is no hardware involved, so certainly, the need for complete IT support is eliminated. With the deployment of Cloud Based Video Conferencing Services, it has become simpler to host all-powerful video conferencing meetings, helping people to connect and participate. What makes it a cutting edge technology is the fact that it enables participants to collaborate easily from different devices and support any combination of businesses. Now, it is simpler to extend video culture internally and externally with a secure, global Video Cloud Platform.

Video Conferencing erases geographical boundaries, transforms company culture and humanizes conversations. Have you ever thought what if video communications simply works with tools, devices and systems that you already use. From group meetings to town halls, lectures and events, Cloud based video conferencing solutions bring people together and provide interactive face to face communications. It gives a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere and enable your employees to integrate with the applications that they use everyday scaling your video conferencing needs.

Multi-Party Meetings

About 100 people can easily participate and interact in a meeting. Global team meetings, online training, sales calls and HR interviews, all can be done easily with video conferencing solutions.

High Rich Content Sharing

Now, it would be too easy to share your marketing slides or budget tracking sheet in high definition. The quality of video feed and shared content on computers, mobile devices and room systems is ensured because of dual-stream support.

Meeting Recordings

There is also a provision to record, watch and share audio and video meetings and content with video conferencing.

Video Sharing

Participants can upload HD video files and they can replay them during meetings or presentations for their convenience. In showcasing the product demos, training sessions and collaborative production, this feature seems perfect. Videos are synchronized in a way that all the participants can see and hear at the same time, from any platform.

Enterprise Ready Solutions

It is easy for IT staff to add and manage users with centralized admin console. To enable easy scheduling, it integrates into your Outlook and Google Calendar.

Command Center

IT staff and helpdesk personnel may need the service intelligence to measure ROI, solve problems and make certain decisions. Command center helps in, by providing real-time and historical information about in-meeting activities.

Customer Support and Success

Customer Community and technical support are ensured from the proficient team of video and networking experts. The customers are provided with 24 X 7 support and enhanced recording and reporting features which makes it easy for them to climb the ladder of success.

Text Chat

Now it is simpler to participate in group chats or exchange personal texts with people without interfering the flow of conversation. With the help of laptop pairing, the participants in the conference room can also join in.

Global Cloud Service

You would not be facing any problem in migrating from hardware-constrained solutions to an easy-to-manage cloud service. The need to purchase an appliance, server or operating system to purchase and maintain with its global cloud based service. We help you extend the boundaries of success of your organization.

Mobile Devices and Computers

There are no hurdles in joining the video meetings from your cell phone or tablet with the apps for iOS and android platforms. Moreover, apps and browser plugins for Windows, Mac and Linus systems help you in getting a broad variety of software solutions. There is no need for the guests to download or install an application or plugin with native support for Chrome and Chromebooks.
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