MiContact Center Solidus

For intelligent interaction in any enterprise it is important to have a seamless integration between the unified communication services and the various applications used by a contact centre. The function of MiContact Centre Solidus is to make sure this integration is successful and productive.This tool offers a powerful toolbox that flexibly delivers business-enhancing services like self service applications to contact centres.

Full Integration for Enterprise level communication
Ensuring positive feedback from customers and increased profits from your client, our solutions are designed to ensure you are always few notches above the ordinary. This single solution has the problem to tackle a lot of challenges like exploring growth strategies, Best of all, everything is available in one single solution. As enterprises explore their growth strategies and ensuring better ROI.

Opportunities for Scaling
Offering advanced features to ensure consistent and top notch customer service all across India, this solution ensures you create a peak management in your contact centre.

One stop shopping convenience
A solidus agent from Mitel helps agents to connect them to the rest if the organization by a seamless integration with IVR system (Interactive Voice Response). It also offers embedded IP recording facility that makes this agent an advanced performance tool.

Multiple challenges, Single solution

This contact centre solution comes with a single software system that will help your organization in a variety of challenges like a feature extension, deployment issues and assessment of growth opportunities. Also it leads to lower operational overhead costs because of native multi-tenanting.

Can serve up-to 15,000 agents at once

Bringing together a large number of agents under one resilient environment is now not a challenge as expansion is now easy. Our solutions will help in aggregating multiple systems under one network operation centre for productivity enhancement. Up-to 15,000 agents can work at once.

Collaborative communication with other media

The integrated UCC services help to have a collaborative communication experience with other media like Chats, Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Text Messaging, FAQ bases etc.

Open architecture and APIs give flexibility

Our solution ensures that a world class business efficiency is delivered because of the open APIs (Soap, VXML, ODBC) and toolkits for 3rd party integrations (WFM, CRMs)

Independence for Platforms

Third party communication servers which are formally tested by Cisco, our solutions support hard phones required for your contact centres.

Flexibility in licensing and packaging

Our solution ensures concurrent licensing by offering variants like Lite and multimedia versions of SME for up-to 50 agents of your centre.
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