Primetime Events

BlueJeans Primetime enables interactive video events for up to 5000 participants. It is not merely a video meeting but a broadcasting event with a blend of interactivity and engagement. With the services of TaraSpan and solutions of BlueJeans, it is simply effortless to host all powerful video conferencing meetings and getting connected to people. The domains of gaming, education, entertainment and media, all are enveloped under BlueJeans Primetime. The clients can hold all sorts of interactive events and discussions. Surely, they would be able to give an exceptional collaborative experience to the attendees.

BlueJeans Primetime Events can help you get connected to thousands of participants at the same time. These people can easily hold up discussions and make decisions in real-time. Connectivity has surpassed all boundaries. No doubt, these customers are provided with the best and reliable business enterprise software. 

Live Participation

The participants can 'Go Live' and engage with others over video in the live event.

Large-Scale Audience

Ofcourse, major benefit of BlueJeans Cloud Based VC is large scale audience participation. Up-to 5000 attendees and 100 interactive presenters can participate in video-centrix online events.

Moderator Controls for Ease

There would be a controlled environment with the help of moderator controls. All the features are included under this, from recording the sessions, mute participants, pin presenters, promoting attenders and resulting the event.

Enjoy an Easy Self-Service Experience

Now, organizers won't have to face any difficulty in organizing, managing and scheduling the events on their own. Presenters can interact over video and share content. They can stay in constant contact with their audience.

Any Device Will Do

Room systems, computers and even your mobile devices are prominently joined for joining from the full range of video endpoints.

Ensured Security

With end to end encryption and SSO support, all hands event content is secured and protected.
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