TaraSpan offers a broader array of cloud based video conferencing and services. We want our clients to stay ahead of all games in the name of technology. Briefing about BlueJeans onSocial , it is a multi-party broadcast that enables interactive video over Facebook live. Holding up interactive sessions and discussions with the fans and followers has become easily manageable with BlueJeans onSocial. Undoubtedly, Facebook live broadcast will substantially give a rise to your social metrics.

BlueJeans onSocial enables interactive video communications over Facebook Live. It provides the easiest way to connect to your fans, followers and customers. It is prominently useful for social marketers and event organizers to share live events and broadcast them to the world through interactive video. It is a self-service professional grade video platform which gives best of face to face video communications.

Universal Platform

Puzzled as how to stay connected with your clients, fellow employees, fans and followers and that too through live video? Deploy BlueJeans onSocial to accomplish all your video communications needs.

From any Device

For an enhanced broadcast quality sound and video, you can use your mobile device, video conferencing room systems, webcams or a professional A/V equipment.

Video and Content Sharing in High Definition

You can easily share slides, pictures, documents and pre-uploaded videos in high definition, with 1080p resolution.

All Controls are in your Hands

With the moderation features of BlueJeans onSocial, you can maintain a controlled environment and provide an engaging experience for your audience.

Organize/Schedule Broadcast Abilities

It is easy to schedule and launch future events with BlueJeans Desktop app or theough a web app or Google Calender. Moreover, it offers exceptional Broadcasting Capabilities.

Viewing Experience is all Set

You can stream multiple cameras through Facebook and set Interactive video layouts to give a dynamic viewing experience.
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