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Aug 01

Top 7 Hotel Technology Trends (2018) changing Hospitality Industry

Posted on August 01st, by Pratibha Gubrani 0 Comments

Top hotel technology trendsThe end number of innovations in technology have now created ripples in the world of hospitality. Today, the hotel operators try not to leave any stone unturned in order to provide an enriching guest experience. This is the reason why they are inclining towards new, ingenious and contemporary hotel technology trends that have set alight a blazing fire in the hotel industry. 

Now, if your guests have come a long way away from their homes, they are in search of such services that would revamp their travelling and staying experience altogether. Therefore, this blog discusses about some of the top, cutting edge communication and technology trends in hospitality businesses. We will see how it transforms the way hotels across the globe do their businesses. 

1. Smart Phones as Extension of Hotel’s Telephone Network (Fixed Mobile Convergence) for Simplicity of Tasks 

How easy and feasible it would be for the hotel guests to use their mobile phone (BYOD) as an extension of hotel room phones. Not only would it enhance their communication with the staff but would also provide them with all the essential controls. 

For instance,

1. controlling in-room systems (e.g. air conditioning, lights, blinds, sound system, TV)
2. informing for laundry or dry-cleaning even when guest is out for meetings/hangouts ,
3. managing a wake-up call,

all the controls now stay in the hands of the guests. Moreover, the hotel staff and the guests all are seamlessly connected, strengthening staff mobility and performance.

One can say that pairing of the mobile device with the room phone can serve a great deal to the guests and enhance their experience like never before. Certainly, this paves a successful way towards creative hotel technology.

2. Meeting Spaces Equipped with Advanced Technology 

There is a need to keep in consideration the business needs of the corporate people. They would prefer to stay in such a hotel where they are easily accessible to the meeting rooms equipped with advanced technology. This enables them to make multimedia presentations and do videoconferencing with their remote attendees. 

The era of boardroom style conference rooms have gone long time back. Now, the business people would like to check-in in the hotels where video-conferencing solutions are provided so that distance does not create any hindrance in their work. 

3. Multi-Lingual Voice Mail and Wake up Call Management 

 What if the technology provides the hotel operators with a suitable platform through which they could help their guests in daily messaging and wake-up calls management and that too in multiple languages. To support this, multi-lingual voice mail has come to the advent which is fully integrated with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). Any hotel now can have guest and administration mail boxes in multiple languages and a convenient wake up call management system. 
The guests can avail the benefits of group messaging, auto-attendant, mini-bar billing or maid status. Multiple languages support adds a personalized touch to the services offered to the guests. 

Moreover, with the help of group messaging, tour leaders can also distribute messages to the groups and enhance guest service further. 

4. Guest Mobile Apps Take Hotel Technology to Another Level 

 The notion of guest mobile applications is to provide ‘impromptu’ service and that too in a properly structured manner.

For instance, as soon as the guest lands to a new place, the hotel loyalty app would send her/him a notification and then would instantly ask a question for sending a cab or a shuttle. This implies that the hotels can easily approach the guests as soon as she/he visits the city. Then, the app envelopes the processes of :

1. Check-in,
2. provides virtual room key,
3. offers wake-up call management,
4. ordering food,
5. and finally, easy check-out.  
The added advantage is that now the device with the guest is integrated with PBX or hotel room phone.

Location Based Service 

It is yet another feature to throw light on all new aspects of hotel technology. The guest can order for services from anywhere in the premises. This offers not only a more flexible approach but also enables simplicity of tasks. Similarly, while checking out, the guests can give reviews about the hotel on various social platforms.

They can also book spa treatments, look for restaurant menus, and even control the in-room systems through this smartly designed, interactive, multi-lingual mobile app.
Moreover, it also offers the guests with a reliable engagement solution which helps them to connect and communicate with the staff though web chat, email, text or kiosk. 

Not only will it help it keeping the loyalty of your customers but will also offer a reliable platform to the hotels so that they can promote their brand name vastly. 
So now, your guests will have a hub of all activities in your pocket or in simpler words, we can say, that you are carrying a 24*7 attendant with them in their pocket and that is the characteristic of a modern day tourist and contemporary hospitality sector.

5. Workflow Management Optimizes Staff Productivity 

How effortless the tasks would be if all the services are streamlined and workflow is conveniently managed. For instance, if some task needs to be done immediately, like (checking the cooling of air conditioner when it’s not functioning properly), then the request is raised to the appropriate skill group, through a wireless or mobile device. Ticket Escalations would also be managed conveniently and there would be full management reporting. 

Thus, hotel industry is heading towards such technology which keeps request tracking and request prioritization under check. This not only properly manages the maintenance duties but these innovative services satisfy the guests in all possible ways. 

6. SIP-DECT as Crucial Part of Hotel Technology 

It is a mobility enabling solution that keeps all the moving pieces connected(the devices with the receptionist, conceirge and with the entire hotel staff). This enables them to perform their jobs more effectively. Thus, all the employees are reachable no matter in what part of the hotel premises they are present, and it gives them the freedom of mobility. 

Moreover, it offers messaging functionality for streamlined alerts. In case of any emergency, the employees will receive a notification as well as the exact location of the emergency. This may prove as a major point in preventing all sorts of further dangers. So employee as well as guest protection is also covered under this. 

7. Easy Access to High Speed Internet Captivates the Attention of Modern Day Tourists 

 The Hotel operators must consider the essential demands of the guests as their priority to pave their pathway towards success. The tourist must be either holidaying or have come to attend some conference or for some other personal work. In all the cases, their essential demand is easy access to high speed internet.  Thus, to grab their attention completely, increased bandwidth and high surfing speed are fundamental things they look for. 

Therefore, hotel operators must envisage the needs of the tech-savvy world and go for an appliance/software to deploy within a virtualized environment. In this way, they do not lag behind in offering upgraded technology to their guests.  


Certainly, newest trends in the hotel technology are powering your guests by setting up an upgraded way of communication. By following these trends, the hoteliers would be completely able to unlock the potential of hospitality sector. Undoubtedly, they offer an enriching experience to their guests and crave a name for themselves in the hotel industry!

Pratibha Gubrani
Written by Pratibha Gubrani
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