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Nov 20

Co-Browsing: A New-Tech Way of Customer Engagement Collaboratively!

Posted on November 20th, by Pratibha Gubrani 0 Comments

co-browsing - a new tech way of customers engagement

Beginning with a powerful saying by Nirmalya Kumar, “branding is not merely about differentiating products, it is about striking emotional chords with the consumers.” This holds perfectly true that a completely satisfied customer makes new, successful inroads into the business world. Therefore, it is important to continuously look for advancements in customer service tools to accomplish the prospect of customer’s satisfaction. Co-Browsing is one such powerful tool in the service industry that is surely going to be a game changer in the market.

How Co-browsing is defined: When the agent is able to have a visual representation of the customer’s view of the website and the agent can securely assist the customer by co-navigating the website. The agent takes control of the customer’s mouse, keyboard or even desktop, trace their online journey and help them in solving their queries, filling out forms, overlaying documents in real time. The significant benefit for this is that the customers do not have to leave the website for contacting the representative, plus this puts a positive imprint on their mindset towards a particular brand since they receive an exceptional customer support.

Co-Browsing makes Online Shopping all the more Simplistic!

Now, let us take an example to understand what co-browsing is in a better way.

For instance, a person is doing an online shopping on a clothing store. She/He encounters a query about the fitting of an outfit. So, with co-browsing technique, without moving away from the website or the browsing page, the customer can talk to the company’s representative through chat, audio or video call. The representative can begin the browsing with you. On the same browsing page, the representative can guide her/him with sizing guidelines. They tell you about sizing guide for different countries and also the various color option which are present in the particular outfit. She/He can then easily go ahead with the purchase, after the queries have been resolved.  

The customer’s loyalty is achieved within no time and without putting them in unnecessary hassles. Ease of customer service puts the brand name into the limelight. In today’s scenario, co-browsing is not as popular as it should be. But, if it becomes an indispensable tool in the market for the organizations, it will contribute largely to attracting customers and elevating business growth. 

“A remarkable customer service makes your customers your advocates!”

Terry Matthews

– Terry Matthews

One unsatisfactory or disapproving customer review about your product or service possesses the capability to affect your purchase decisions and hence the bottom line!

Buying a Plan or a Policy! 

Taking another instance where a customer has to buy a plan or a policy.
– The customer is searching for the best policy plan he/she can have, the one which suits all his/her requirements but confusion creeps in and they do not know which one to go for.
– Now here comes the role of a representative to do “co-browsing with you”
– You can simply send a message from within the website and start a conversation with any of the team member available to assist you, 
– After that, you are asked to fill in a form and you may get the policy online in no time. 
Note : The customers shall remain assured with the fact all the confidential fields are visible only to them and not to the representative.

Facts and Figures of Co-Browsing :

A report has been submitted by Aberdeen group (an American technology and Services Company), “Co-Browsing : The Gateway to Happy Customers and Better Financial Results.” The analysis shows, “co-browsing is helping companies accomplish far greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction scores, compared to companies without this technology. (5.1% vs 1.4%).”

Moreover, the same report shows that a company with $10 million in annual support costs could save $280,000 each year by deploying co-browsing and enjoy a 10% greater agent utilization rate as compared to those without it. (65% vs 59%)

Talking in terms of revenue growth, firms with co-browsing enjoy 61% greater year-over-year growth in annual company revenue compared to all others (10.0% vs 6.2%).

Source :

Inevitably, this is going to revolutionize the business landscape entirely, by empowering both the customers as well as the organizations.

An Insight into the same analysis shows that :

1. Co-browsing users enjoy a superior year-over-year performance gain results. 

2. The agents must be adequately trained so that they are completely able to diagnose and resolve the clients queries. Moreover, they must walk in accordance with the evolving co-browsing techniques and technologies. 

A continuous enhancement in the agents skills puts a thoughtful impression when they deal with the customers. Moreover, deploying knowledge management systems also helps the agents to quickly and accurately respond to the customers needs in case they need any additional information that is beyond the domain of knowledge of the agent. 

Industries/ Verticals where this concept of co-browsing can be used and will prove to be much beneficial :

1.  Online Banking and financial services

2. Travel and Tourism

3. Real Estate/Investment/Wealth Management

4. E-commerce

5. Education

6. Technical Support

7. Utilities

8. Retail

9. Insurance/Healthcare

verticals of co browsing

Benefits of co-browsing : 

–  Customer satisfaction and loyalty reaches an enhanced level,
– Heightened scope of up-selling and cross-selling,
– Be it B2B or B2C interaction, co-browsing has always come to play its part, to provide mountain-top customer service
– Increased first contact resolution rate
– Assistance in navigation which leads to reduced error rate in customer transactions, 
– Gets readily integrated into the existing technology infrastructure
– Online transactions and e-commerce sales receive a break-through
– Increase in adoption rate and more intensive use of on-line products and services
– Reduced customer service costs is the input and a satisfied customer is the result

Conclusion : 

In today’s scenario, customer service is considered a priority. A satisfied customer becomes an advocate for your brand name. They are the building blocks of a booming business. Co-browsing is that medium which helps the customers to become these blocks, with its advanced capabilities.  



Pratibha Gubrani
Written by Pratibha Gubrani
Pratibha Gubrani is the Content Writer at TaraSpan. She likes to keep herself updated with the latest technologies so that she is able to provide deep domain knowledge to the wider audience through her writings.


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