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May 03

Best practices to deploy IP telephony networks

Best practices to deploy IP telephony networks1

With the rapidly changing ways of doing business, IP telephony has become a crucial part of any organization, for performing their day-today operations. An integrally connected organization can pave an enriching way to success. But, most of the time security aspect related to IP based communications network, underlying infrastructure and applications are not given prior importance. In this blog, we are going to discuss why it is important to speculate about securing an IP telephony network and what are the best practices of deploying IP telephony networks. Here we go: 1. Make a development plan of an IP telephony ...

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Apr 24

6 Best-Kept Secrets to SaaS Success

6 best-kept secrets to SaaS success

So you have just closed the big deal. Congrats! Now the real hard work begins. Sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with your customer. This “After Sales” stage is the most crucial period especially for the SaaS based industry because this will decide the stickiness of customer with your SaaS product. Customers should see value in your product at every stage. It’s like making customers fall in love with your business. Company must evolve customer focused culture in their business. Even if customer lives outside their home markets, SaaS companies must go an extra mile in ...

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Apr 09

10 Call Center KPIs to consider for Success to chase you

calll center KPIs

According to the all popular American businessman and entrepreneur, Sam Walton, "The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary." Without a shadow of doubt, building strong customer relationships is like laying a foundation for evangelizing your brand name and to boom your business. This calls for a need to evaluate the call center performance to ensure that the customer's satisfaction is reached and productivity is enhanced.    Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the essential call center key performance indicators KPIs and latest metrics to ...

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Feb 21

Die With MongoDB

mongo db

     "So which DBMS do you like Watson ? SQL or No SQL ?"      "I love MongoDB, Holmes."      "I guessed so !"      "How ?"      "You have suicidal tendencies."                - The Adventures of Blind Lover Every now and then we hear about how vulnerable MongoDB is, and how Moriarty's men are watching out and asking for ransom. Does that put you away from Mongo ? If yes, then you are missing something. I love Mongo. It is more like love at first sight. Installation to Hello World is a breeze. It ...

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Feb 12

Common, Preventable IP Telephony Issues

In order to help your business and communications grow without any obstacles, it is important to choose an appropriate and correct IP Solutions Provider. Unfortunately, choosing a wrong Service Provider can put your communications in the trap of some inconveniences. Taking the instance of VoIP (Voice over IP Solutions), people generally encounter problems related to unreasonable costs and voice quality. Now the question arises how to solve the problem and rectify the situation. There may be two reasons why the problem has come to the forefront. Primarily, there may be an issue with installation or with poor quality connections. ...

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Jan 04

Setting up a Wholly Owned Subsidiary or Subsidiary in India

To set up an entity in any country, it is very important to know about all the options which are available and most importantly the most beneficial mode of business available in the country suitable for the parent entity. We have already discussed about the following options in our previous blogs: Setting Up a Liaison Office in India Setting Up a Project Office in India  Setting Up a Branch Office in India Limited Liability Partnership Another type of entity which is suitable for those who have done enough research on the market and want to set up a permanent ...

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Dec 07

Top 10 Reasons why businesses are migrating from audio to video collaboration


Revolution entered the corporate sector with all new and innovative video collaboration technology when the people located at various remote locations could easily interact with one another in a single room and hold quality virtual meetings. Now, with video collaboration, you really do not have to scratch your surface thinking how to hold a business meeting when the main line of participants are scattered at different places. Talking about video collaboration vs. a conference call, the former helps in establishing a human connection  and a deeper relationship with the person situated on the other side of the screen. While ...

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Nov 24

Demonetization And Its Impact On Indian Economy

Last few days have been the days of surprises and inquisitiveness for the country. Earlier the removal of Tata Son’s chairman was sweeping the whole market and the eyes were on the legal scenarios involved in the case. Then the whole world was looking forward to the US Presidential elections where either a world history was going to be made with the election of the first woman US president or Donald Trumph would have been sweeping the elections. Amidst all the curiosities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on 8th November on one hand won millions of hearts and on the ...

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Nov 18

Video Conference Room Design and Layout Guidelines


Who doesn’t dream of making new inroads into the business world? Well! To turn that dream to reality, there is a need to forge a prolonged client-employee relationship which could be done by enhancing the mode of communication and collaboration. When we talk about video collaboration, there is no one-for-all video conferencing system that suits for all organizations. It is vital to select optimal video solution that fits best with your goals and needs. This blog has been written to take into consideration some of the key points to ensure an ideal environment for video conferencing. What Room Requirements You may Need?Here are ...

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Nov 08

Unveiling the Goods And Service Tax(GST) and its impact on Ease of Doing Business in India

GST India

 Pre-Modi regime, Indian was considered to be an over-legislative country and perhaps because of this reason, India was lagging behind in the race of the Ease of Doing Business Index. Since last two years, Indian economy and legal procedures have undergone several changes and the initiatives taken by the current government have helped accelerate India’s ranking to 130th from 144th in the Ease of Doing Business Index. Unveiling of the Goods & Service tax Act (GST) is one of those major reforms which is going to change the frame of India economy. With the introduction of GST, India is going ...

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